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Here are some comments left by my clients:


“You were amazing.  Everything you predicted for me a few  weeks ago has happened.  I was doubtful about that one  issue we discussed, because I did not want it to be true.   But it happened and in a weird way, it’s been a relief to  have it overwith.  Thank you for being so easy to talk  with and so honest.  I really do want the truth Marco.   You are my favorite!  If I could give you 100 stars, I  would.”   ~I.G.


“Thanks you Marco..hope what u are saying is true!! Will let you know what happens in the month of march like you see. You do have a gift …no doubt!”  ~N


“Great call. Several situations that Marco predicted have  come to pass. He is a clear communicator and this guy is  excellent value for money.”  ~ J


“Always a pleasure talking to Marco, very calming and reassuring  even when news  isn‘t so good!  Thanks Marco!  Blessings to u!”  ~ M

So cooperatiPicBouldersve, in the fullest and highest sense of the word.  Marco is  skilled and  filled with light.  He sees depth and dimensionality in  relationships, and can render difficult truth with a supportive and light  touch.  Thank you, Marco.”  ~ D


“Marco is an impressive psychic.  He answers questions instead  of asking them, which is what any good psychic should do.”  ~ A


“Predicted that this man would not leave town without seeing me and sure  enough he saw me the same day.”  ~ M


“Marco has been accurate with the information he has given me.  He doesn’t waste a person’s time or money and gives his  answers fairly quickly.”  ~ A


“Marco was very accurate to what is happening around me at this time, spot on about the person in question.  Very good read on the situation. Will call again. Thank you Marco for your honesty.”  ~ S


What a nice man/advisor…he knew too much without me telling a word. Thanks  so much for taking my call.  Please do let me know about job and him! I will call  you when my money situation improves!! just love speaking to him!”  ~  B


“Hands down, Marco NAILED the entire situation, delivered  info with much detail, clarity and deep insight.Outcomes  are in line with what I already know to be true. He gets  people, ersonalities and the whole circumstance. Call him  for the whole truth and nothing but the truth !!!!!”  ~ L.D.


“My first call and you were absolutely fantastic on describing  people and events. I  will let you know how everything pans  out. I would give more than 5 stars if I could.”  ~ B


“I don’t know what is so special about him, but there is  definitely a gift. I can’t put my finger on it. He was dead  on the money with the person I called and about. The kids,  the intentions, the temperament..EVERYTHING was nailed to a  tee. I will  definitely be calling him back for an update.”  ~ L


Great reading! Marco was quick and confident with his insight and  description of my situation. I knew that he had the psychic gift I was  seeking. Recommended!”  ~ S.B.

Call Marco of Carefree and see why his clients are so loyal! 

Marco of Carefree

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