Corporate Intuitive Feedback

Marco has been providing professional intuitive services to businesses and major corporations for years.  Read what some of his clients have to say about his services:

“I was at an impasse, had to make a decision and felt that I did not have all of the information I could have.  I  mentioned it to a friend and he confided that his company employs your services for a variety of issues.  Using a corporate intuitive is way outside of the box for me, but I am glad I called you today.  You were professional,  concise, and provided incredible insights that made my decision so much easier.  Your background in business was obvious and our company will be using your services again.”   “I”,  Automotive Industry

“I have been talking to Marco for the last couple of days and even though it had been a couple of months since our last chat, he was easily able to pick up where we left off and recall past issues to give me updates on them.  He gave me very good details on the people I  was calling about and confirmed my own intuition.  (Marco) Saw great  things coming my way…He’s great with answering emails and remembering where we left off.  I really love his calm energy,  honesty and patience! Thanks Marco!…”  “C”, Healthcare Industry  

“Marco was very accurate about what is happening around me at this time.  Spot on about the person in question.  Very good read on the situation.  Will call again. Thank you Marco for your honesty.”   “S”, Restaurant Chain

“Hands down, Marco NAILED the entire situation, delivered  info with much detail, clarity and deep insight.  Outcomes are in line with what I already know to be true.  He gets people, personalities and the whole circumstance.  Call him for the whole truth…”  “D”, Software Development

“Great call.  Several situations that Marco predicted have come to pass.  He is a clear communicator and this guy is an excellent value for the money.”   “J”, Restauranteur

You can find Marco of Carefree at BEACONTRUTH.COM;

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