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Five letters that should mean so much.  Trust, when given without justification will bite you hard every time.  How do you know the people you trust are on your side?

Some of the most devious persons around know how to manipulate a trusting soul into believing in them.  Yet they cannot hide their negative energy.  For this reason you may have a very negative person, or persons, exerting serious influence on you and your well-being right now and not know it.  This influence could be causing you mental, emotional, or even physical anguish.

Sensing Negative Energy

Negative energy stays with each person they touch.  It is detectable by persons sensitive to its existence.  These negative people detest people like me for I sense their presence.

I do not need to see them, communicate with them or be told about them.  I feel their presence as a deep fog, obscuring a person’s vision and keeping you on their path, rather than on your own.  If there is dark energy around you, I will know it. Together, we can identify the source…or sources…and get you free of the negative effect it is having on you.

Difficult but Necessary

You might call me to tell me about a person in your life whom you considered to be your love, or a trusted and close friend.  Yet you are noticing behavior that cannot be explained.  Though there is nothing concrete you can put your finger on, something is telling you that things are not right.  This is where I come in.

Give me a call and we can talk about this.  The information I give you will be precisely what I pick up psychically.  It will be for you to take that information and apply it to your situation.  It is not for me to advise you or instruct you to make changes in your life.  But it is imperative that I give you the information, all of it.  Even if it is not what you had hoped to hear.  Anything else would be a disservice to you and a waste of my inherited God-given gifts.

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The Problem with Hope.

“I hope I can get that new car.”  “I hope everything will be okay.”  “I hope to see you soon.”  “I hope…that I can stop generating negative energy.”  Hope.  Hope is all you have left when it is the bottom of the ninth inning, you have no runners on base, there are two outs and two strikes and you are losing twelve to zip.

Hope is what you have left when the cities are in ruins and the countryside is one, massive, fire storm.  Hope is what you fall back upon when you have given up.  Hope is a negative term and is surrounded by negative energy.  Hope means there is no longer any way a bad situation can get better without an outright miracle.

 Sometimes a Substitution can Change the Energy.

Hope is a word often substituted for “Well, I could work to make something happen, but if I hope it happens, that is good enough.”  I do not use the word “hope” in my vocabulary, unless I am intentionally inserting it into the conversation. So what word do I use?


I trust we will come back and win. If we don’t, we will win tomorrow.  Trusting is positive.  Trusting is to believe.” I trust I will see you again soon…vs. I hope I will see you again soon.”  If I want to see that person, I trust I will be able to make it happen.  Seeing someone again should not be left to wishes or hopes. 

Hope is much like a wish.” I trust everything is going to work out fine!”  I trust, therefore I believe, and belief generates positive thoughts which then emit positive energy.  Draw the good to you with positive energy.  Draw the good to you with trust. 

Let’s Avoid Confusion.

The term “trust,” as I use it here, is not to be confused with trusting someone.  Numerous variables come into play in those situations, which I discuss in another posting. Stop using the word “hope” and replace it with the word “trust.”  Feel the difference.

Create more positive energy around you.  Make a difference.  Be the difference! Let’s discuss this!

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 Copyright 2018, all rights reserved. Any form of republication, duplication or rebroadcast is forbidden without the prior, express written consent of Marco of Carefree.