Insidious Dry Rot

Marco of Carefree

Marco of Carefree

It Creeps In

Insidious Dry Rot is the slow, but certain, killer of relationships.  It begins innocently and quietly.   You can’t see it or hear it.  You likely wonder why he is not honest with you.  Picture a beautiful, new wooden jewelry box.  However, when left in the elements, neglected, over time it slowly becomes the victim of Incidious Dry Rot (“IDR”).  Now it is worthless.  Worse than worthless for the reason it is still there, taking space and drawing attention to itself.
Silent Relationship Killer
IDR has the same effect on relationships as it has on wood.   And it takes just about as long to become apparent.You bit your tongue the first time he left the Tolet lid up.  Now, it is up all the time…and that is the least of it!  You bit your tongue the first time she wore that hideous, yellow outfit.  Now you hate most of her wardrobe.
You see, IDR starts small…but it spreads.  Relentlessly, endlessly, until the relatonship collapses.  All for lack of honesty in the relationship.
What to Do About It
How do you spot IDR in your life?   More importantly, once you realize you are a victim of IDR, what do you do about it?  To a greater or lesser extent, all of our relationships suffer from IDR.  It becomes a matter of tolerance.  The less contact you have with some persons, the more you seem capable of tolerating the IDR associated with them.  The greater problem is when IDR is nibbling away at your most important relationships…your partner, your family, your friends, your business associates.  I can help you identify the source of IDR in your life and begin to explore how to stop it…and reverse it.
Let’s talk about this!

Marco of Carefree

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